Italy - August, 2007

Here are pictures from my recent trip to Italy.

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8/6/07: Sunset in San Vito Lo Capo

8/6/07: Kenora rigging - self-tacking headsail hardware

8/6/07: Kenora rigging

8/6/07: Kenora guest stateroom

8/7/07: Kenora rigging - main sheet

8/7/07: Kenora: rigging tension gauges & radios

8/7/07: Kenora: Hydraulic transom/garage

8/7/07: Kenora

8/7/07: Kenora mast

8/7/07: San Vito Lo Capo

8/7/07: Scopello

8/7/07: Scopello

8/7/07: Interesting rock formations

8/7/07: Kenora at anchor in Scopello

8/7/07: Lunch on Kenora: baby eels!

8/7/07: Preparing to set sail

8/7/07: Rigging and propulsion controls

8/7/07: Port helm

8/7/07: Mainsail

8/7/07: Sailing back from Scopello

8/7/07: Furling the mainsail

8/7/07: The beach at San Vito Lo Capo

8/7/07: The main street in San Vito

8/8/07: Kenora's anchor compartment

8/8/07: Kenora's headsail furlers and retractable gennaker boom

8/8/07: Kenora's awesome crew: Anthea, Kelsey, Tom, and Garrett

8/8/07: A fast hydrofoil ferry used throughout the islands

8/9/07: The island of Favignana. We spent the night anchored here, then sailed around the island the next day.

8/9/07: The caves are actually old rock quarries

8/11/07: Sailing from San Vito to the island of Lipari

8/12/07: The castle and church in Lipari

8/12/07: The Lipari waterfront

8/12/07: The Lipari waterfront

8/12/07: The smoking crater on the island of Vulcano

8/12/07: A "beach" near Pollara on the island of Salina.

8/12/07: Rock arch on Salina

8/12/07: Kenora docked in the Lipari harbor

8/12/07: A nice yacht waiting to dock in Lipari

8/13/07: The island of Panarea

8/13/07: Sailing to Panarea

8/13/07: A rock near Panarea

8/13/07: The Panarea harbor

8/13/07: A street on Panarea

8/13/07: A bay on Panarea

8/13/07: A house on Panarea

8/13/07: Sailing to the volcanic island of Stromboli

8/13/07: Steam rising from Stromboli

8/13/07: Lava flow

8/13/07: More steam

8/13/07: You can the ash trails left as ejected rocks fall down the slope

8/13/07: Stromboli eruption

8/13/07: Stromboli eruption

8/13/07: Stromboli eruption

8/14/07: We spent the night anchored off Stromboli

8/14/07: Black sand beach on Stromboli

8/14/07: Lava

8/14/07: Stromboli's crater

8/14/07: Looking down at the village of Stromboli

8/14/07: A large spider in a cemetary

8/14/07: Marco sailing back to Lipari

8/14/07: The "code zero" headsail - about 300 square meters

8/15/07: Kenora's retractable gangplank

8/15/07: Kelsey at the helm

8/15/07: The island of Alicudi

8/15/07: Bow wave

8/15/07: The island of Alicudi

8/15/07: The island of Alicudi

8/15/07: Sailing to the island of Filicudi

8/15/07: A huge rock pinnacle off Filicudi

8/15/07: Filicudi

8/16/07: The harbor at Filicudi

8/16/07: A natural rock pool

8/16/07: Rock arch

8/16/07: The Blue Grotto of Filicudi

8/16/07: Boats anchored off Filicudi

8/16/07: Kenora's hydraulic transom - lowered for swimming

8/16/07: Another Wally Yacht ("Angel's Share")docked next to us in Lipari

8/16/07: Marco and Anthea cooking risotto

8/16/07: Risotto al Salto! Mmmm.

8/17/07: Marco and I visited the castle museum on Lipari. Here are some ancient Greek ruins.

8/17/07: Part of Lipari harbor

8/17/07: The town of Lipari

8/17/07: Lipari

8/17/07: Looking south along Lipari with the island of Vulcano in the background

8/17/07: Dinner on Kenora

8/18/07: A rock near Panarea

8/19/07: A huge yacht anchored off Panarea

8/19/07: Another huge yacht off Panarea

8/19/07: You can just barely see Mount Etna in the distance

8/19/07: A pumice mine on Lipari

8/19/07: Docked in Lipari. The sailing ship Zaca is moored to our starboard.

8/21/07: The Yacht Altair moored next to us in Lipari.

8/21/07: Sailing towards the Messina Straits in 40kt winds

8/21/07: The wind speed hit 45 kts

8/22/07: The town of Milazzo on Sicily

8/22/07: Kenora master stateroom

8/22/07: Kenora master stateroom

8/22/07: Kenora saloon

8/22/07: Looking forward in the saloon



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