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Cayman 2002 Trip Photo Gallery

These are 95 of the best pictures from the Cayman trip.  Most of them are underwater photos since that's where we spent much of our time and since there wasn't all that much to see topside!  The colors have not been altered except for the use of the auto-level function on some images.

Click on a thumbnail for a larger image.

Sea anemone

Sea anemone

Sea anemone

Arrowhead crab - about an inch tall.



Big parrotfish

A tarpon - about 3 feet long.


A blacktip shark cruising along the wall

A yellow-headed jawfish ferociously guarding his home

The diveboat and top of the wall

A Brazillian lobster

Tube sponge coral

Blowing bubblerings while surfacing

Butterfly fish

Butterfly fish

Butterfly fish

A real close shot of a Nassau grouper with a cleaner wrasse

A conch peaking out

A variety of coral

Sponge coral

More coral

Coral polyps


Coral and fish


Dinner (nice big reef crab)

A fissure in the reef

Looking out to the wall

Sea cucumber - about 16 inches long

Grouper getting cleaned by a wrasse

Dogbone coral growing out of a sponge

Adult spotted drum

Featherduster worm

Featherduster worm on brain coral



Tiny filefish

Big fireworm - around 8 inches.

French angelfish

A bunch of garden eels peeking out of their holes

Green Moray Eel - about 8 inches in diameter.

Strawberry grouper

Wild iguana on Little Cayman

A squirrelfish with an isopod sucking its brains out

A pair of Spiny Lobster under a ledge

A lobster crawling around

A lobster in a sponge coral

Lobster closeup

Golden spotted moray eel

Nurse shark from Little Cayman

A pair of Nurse sharks at 98 feet in Brac

Nurse shark

Nico petting a docile Nassau grouper

Puffer fish

Puffer fish

Queen trigger fish

A rockfish - well camouflaged


Sharptailed eel

Sharptailed eel

Sharptailed eel

Banded coral shrimp

Coral shrimp and an anemone

More shrimp

A skate

School of snapper

Leopard flatworm

Tube sponge coral

Tube sponge coral

Sponge coral and a brittlestar

Vase sponge coral and brittlestar

Vase sponge coral and a brittlestar

Sponge coral and brittlestars

Sponge coral and fish



A school of surgeonfish

"I'm ready for my closeup!"

"Me too!"


A tunnel in the reef

Sea turtle

Sea turtle

Sunken tugboat

M/V Tibbets - sunken Russian frigate

Gun turret from M/V Tibbets.

Sitting on the forward gun

I was sitting upright. The ship is resting at an angle on the bottom.

Bloody Bay on Little Cayman

Little Cayman shoreline

Cayman Brac shoreline

The resort and airstrip on Cayman Brac

Grand Cayman shoreline

It's traditional to paint some driftwood and hang it up